Door for porch

April 2, 2016


Over a periode of 2 years I worked on this porch in different stages, first I made a new big window and big sil on the front house elevation, and this time I made a new door and window also renovated the pillars and framework and made new features for frame and pillars.






Wooden column

July 4, 2011

After taken all the rot out and blow drying it, I started to fill it with a two component filler and pieces of oak, each day I added a bit more.

Now the hard work begins! That means get it in perfect shape with the rest.

Such a beautiful entrance to an old farm house, the columns are over 200 years old. I wondered whether they may have come from a shipwreck and later learned that according to local folklore they were indeed salvaged from ship’s masts.

Fill and shape it, fill shape etc. using chisel and sandpaper

I start to like this sculpturing work, because I know it’s going to work out perfectly!

Yep, there.. done

Window repair

June 26, 2011

My work is done here, the rest is for the painter

Wet rot

October 13, 2010

It’s straightforward take all the rotten parts out. Some spaces are filled with new pieces of wood others with a filler after a treatment with a hardner for wood.

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