Kitchen cabinets

March 20, 2012

Kitchen cabinets we build them out of birch plywood exterior put together with biscuit joints, here in two layers of undercoat, they will be painted with eggshell.

Ash for the panel doors.

Took out the old kitchen, changed water and electric, treat the wall, make it ready for the new kitchen .

Started to put in the new cabinets.

We didn’t use wood for the counter top because this is a holiday cottage, but I think we could.

Position the sink and the hob for cut out.

Last finishes

And done!

Plate rack

March 4, 2012

My idea for making a plate rack was to make it as simple as possible in design and it had to be very practicle in use. For the top shelf I made sliding dovetails, the strongest joint you can have for shelfs for the rest mortise and tenon joints, the two back plates are slotted in glued and screwed.

Find out where support is needed

Check  the plates won’t fall out

Drill the square holes for the sticks with the mortiser, through two supports in one go.

The ash is very flexible it won’t break easy, still I made sure that the sticks can be replaced

To hang the plate rack on the thin wooden wall I used metal wall plates, two on the plate rack two on the wall , first I screwed a board of the same ash on the other side of the wall for use as a coat hanger, but more important I could use longer screws to secure the plate rack on to the wall.

I left  the handcarved pegs of for a while to let them acclimatize in this kitchen space to shrink , I made them out of green hawthorn.

All finished and oiled

Top cabinets for kitchen

February 25, 2012

Drawing trying to find  out how to make a corner cabinet at the end of the row of top cabinets, and make this fit all together.

corner cabinet  half way in the make

Olive ash, making joints for six doors for the top cabinets, the doors will have glass in it

putting doors together

put hinges on

Door for corner cabinet, this is my minture tall gate door

corner cabinet door

the row of top cabinets just put the doors on, still have to make the sides

try to get this straight on the stone wall some how, there is nothing straight about a stone wall, but I love them anyway.

See how much this wall is out square had to fill it up a lot and use long screws, not only here though everywhere behind these cupboards are spacers to get it all in line.

all fitted; doors on. sides on. grips on.

Handcarved grip out of hawthorn for the corner cabinet door

you can see the beautiful olive ash especialy on the sides

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