This cupboard and little folding table were made especially for Jackie Morris’s ‘dragon van’. I will put up a better picture of the inside of the van later when it’s all finished

The van is totally covered in Jackie’s paintings, here mostly dragons

the frame made with mortise and tenon joints

glueing up the drawer and a door

Dovetailed drawer

Turned Beech knobs. The latches are made out of Oak

Welsh Oak. I think it’s called ‘Brown Oak’ as well. I really love it and right know i’m working on a front door using the same wood. The table top was later treated with Tung oil, a natural oil which is save with food. Jackie can have her lunch on it and use it as a drawing table when it rains outside.

Built-in cupboard

January 27, 2011

The bathroom is too small to get an overview picture, but behind the glass doors you can see a water tank on top and a boiler underneath.  It looks really cool not hidden away.

The cupboard is made in the same principle as my other furniture, face frame and doors from reclaimed floorboards on a base frame that was half there already, handmade latches out of Oak and handturned knobs from Beech wood all the wood was reclaimed from interesting sources

For Griff Rhys Jones I restored some furniture for his holiday cottages in Pembrokeshire, here an elm chair. There is a crack in the joist and one across the seat. I am not worried about that big crack so much; it’s the small one the one in the joist that makes the seat wobbly.

I replaced the joist with a piece of Oak with dovetailed ends.

These dovetailed keys placed under the seat that will keep the Elm together as one piece.

The crack is still there i thought it would change the chair too much by replacing the seat the chair is strong and stable again i smoothed up the crack so no splinters

Webbing a chair

December 12, 2010

A totally worn-out underside of a chair.

All the springs are still there. I can’t wait for spring time…

Positioning the springs with rope.

With the new webbing on, you’ve got a nice firm seat again.

Pink bookcase

October 12, 2010

Bookcase made out of reclaimed paneling in this case the pink paneling comes out of Griff Rhys Jones building work at the Pembrokeshire farm. These photo’s are taken in the finished cottage ‘The Pembrokeshire farm’. The farm is turned into holiday cottages and I sometimes helped clean them, when I was living next door.


Clothes hangers

October 1, 2010

This wardrobe is specialy made for tiny spaces, that’s why i devided the door width, see; maybe it just fits behind your bed  and than the bigger door would be the problem

Steam-bent Oak clothes hangers. The hooks are reclaimed

Wardrobe for Trehilyn Uchaf holiday cottage. Because the traditional Pembrokeshire cottage is relatively small, this piece is custom-made.  It’s shallower than most wardrobes, so I made the clothes hangers specially for it


August 23, 2010


March 17, 2010

I made 30 tables  for the restaurant ‘Galerie des Beaux Arts’.

Mortice and tenon joints on legs and rails. The table tops are attached to the legs with wooden pegs. French Oak.

Commission piece

January 3, 2010

This cupboard was made to fit an existing top piece

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