Tall gate

December 28, 2011

Beautiful air dried welsh oak boards they had been in a shed for about 20 years.

Through the thicknesser

Routing the edges by following it’s natural lines and make a tide fit.

Dovetail shaped braces that will keep the boards tight together

Two on one side one on the other side

Wood for the fencing will be placed on a stone wall next to the gate

All planed and cut into shape that flows in a natural line

I am making holes in different shapes. Later the holes will be filled with beautiful stained glass images made by artist Tamsin Abbott

I just make them up while I am working on it.

I made templates for all the different shapes then used the router

Finished wall parts I am pleased feels good to me.

Gluing the braces in place, after sanding it all  the fence parts are going to Tamsin Abbott and I made templates from the spaces in the door,  she is a glass artist and she is going to make glass pieces that fit in the open spaces. Can’t wait to see results.

Commission piece

January 3, 2010

This cupboard was made to fit an existing top piece

Cupboard drawer, close up

December 19, 2009

Fully dovetailed drawers

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