Door for porch

April 2, 2016


Over a periode of 2 years I worked on this porch in different stages, first I made a new big window and big sil on the front house elevation, and this time I made a new door and window also renovated the pillars and framework and made new features for frame and pillars.






Ellipse window

January 25, 2015

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I made this device based on the Archimedes Trammel, with my router on the end. Useful jig for making templates  for oval and circular shapes. Archimedes_Trammelastriddegroot astriddegroot astriddegroot astriddegroot astriddegroot astriddegroot astriddegroot

Two sashes

August 18, 2014

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Window frame for porch

August 18, 2013


This was the situation: big sill totally rotten, bottom rail from window frame gone, tenon’s on styles gone, features fallen of, top corner of left pillar rotten.


First I made a new sill and fitted that under the pillar’s with the help of the farmer and his tractor. Then I had a good look at the window frame with the rotten bottom rail and it was because of the bottom styles where gone too that I  decided  it had to be a whole new frame.


I made space in my small workshop- put the frame together than I realized it would never fit through the door as a whole, so I had to find space in a shed at the farm for gluing it, so I did that.


Lucky the glass was fitted with beading’s I could take them out pretty easy without braking them, then the old frame didn’t take long.


At this point I needed a hand to lift the frame up, clamps in the middle to hold it while I fiddled the frame in place,  a curled up slab of lead that fits into a slot under the rail just behind a water-drip makes a good weather-seal.


I am putting double glazing in.


Build up new profiled features on the bottom and at the top.





The one gutter pipe is still filled with mud -stuck, I leave that one out for now until it dried out and can be emptied.


The finished window with new sill and pillar corners.


It’s a year later now that I got to restore the left side of the porch, the side that gets the weather, the window so rotten it almost falls out, and a skeleton of a door that was fixed in the frame; as well as the bottom parts of the frame and of course all the beautiful features just gone.


French windows

October 13, 2012

French windows don’t have a stile in the middle, it opens up completely, in this case because the customer wants to be able to step out through the window and sit in the garden.  As if this isn’t difficult enough they also had to be inside opening windows, two things that doesn’t make it easy to make a water and draft proof design.

Double rabbets on the sides and the window stile, with draft-seals.  Single rabbet on top and bottom with a ‘click’ on the windows. I always try to avoid wood on wood when window is closed, water likes to sit in between there it’s called capillary force, I used draft sealing on all these points.

Flush bolts on the inside to hold the one window.

Flush-bolt bottom,the windows are sticking out over the rabbet on the outside the sill is sloping and attached on the window is a water-drip.

Water-drip under the sill, lead curves up under and just behind the water-drip, water-drips at bottom of the windows, ventilated glass-beads with water-drip.

Outside rabbet end is cut under an angle so it doesn’t trap water.

I did all I could think of; to stop water and draft getting in or getting trapped, oh yes and water-drip at the top of the frame. This wall is most exposed it’s situated quite high and looking out over the Irish-sea.

Casement windows

May 25, 2012

I had to make two casement windows, for a stunning beach house at Whitesands.

The windows had to be made in the same style of the already existing beautiful bay windows.

Solid and double glazed windows that can stand the fears weather.

Finished windows

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