Clothes hangers

October 1, 2010

This wardrobe is specialy made for tiny spaces, that’s why i devided the door width, see; maybe it just fits behind your bed  and than the bigger door would be the problem

Steam-bent Oak clothes hangers. The hooks are reclaimed

Two double barn doors, a single barn door, two windows and a slatted window, all with undercoat

Oak turned handle, worked to a square end

Sturdy Oak latch, fit for the rough stormy weather at Penysgwarne

Window for barn conversion

September 23, 2010

I made a window that is half window, half boards for a barn conversion. It will sit in a space that used to be a doorway.

Wardrobe for Trehilyn Uchaf holiday cottage. Because the traditional Pembrokeshire cottage is relatively small, this piece is custom-made.  It’s shallower than most wardrobes, so I made the clothes hangers specially for it

Ventilation slots in the glass bead of the skylight help prevent condensation

Big bronze handles placed very low

It took me three days to fit the door. The first day was just for the door frame – very important to get that right. The second day was used to hang the doors. I didn’t have to plane anything off the doors, but I did have to take the skylight home and plane something from the bottom to straighten it, because the tension in the shape pulled the sides upwards. On the third day, I put the glass in and finished off.

As you can see the frame only connect with the walls on the down side of the crooked slate porch. Later I filled the gaps with Oak flush with the frame.



Tudor style Oak doors

June 27, 2010



Situation how it was, beech doors on the front of the porch, oak Tudor style doors behind the porch on the house intrance.



I am going to replace the beech doors, make doors similar to these using french-oak.


Door lay out.


I made rounded drip bars for the door, I know these from traditional Dutch doors; they protect the doors and give them a solid feeling.




For a renovation project, I made this skylight to sit on top of double doors

European Oak


March 17, 2010

I made 30 tables  for the restaurant ‘Galerie des Beaux Arts’.

Mortice and tenon joints on legs and rails. The table tops are attached to the legs with wooden pegs. French Oak.

Round window

March 16, 2010

I used 8 pieces of Sapele and cut them at 22.5 degrees to make the circle, then glued those together with end-lap mitre joints.

For clamping I used ordinairy screws and made sure to put them outside the circle. I did the same for the glass bead.

I made a template for use as router jig, then rough-cut the outside of the circle with the bandsaw and the inside with the jigsaw.

After that, I worked it round with the router.

It’s a fixed window with double glazing, 300 mm diameter.

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