Curved window

September 25, 2011

The first focus is on the curve,  on measuring the heights left and right and then the height in the middle. If the arch is shallow enough  I can make it out of one piece of wood. It is, so first I take a strip of three-ply and make a template of the curve

I clamp the template on the Douglas Fir and start routing the shape

and carry on routing deeper and deeper

The rest is straightforward. The rabbet depth is for 22mm doubleglazing, the sill is sloping

What angle is this?! I have to cut this out with a handsaw and drill out the mortises later to be sure of the right spot

All the joints cut and mortises drilled out

Fitted window

I also made templates for the top parts of the window (with curve) in order to order the glass. They fitted.. just! Phew!

Under the sill, a water drip, and I left enough space there for the water drops to drip off and leave the slate sill, and also for a strip of lead that curves back up underneath the sill. No chance for water here

Finished it with glass sealant between glass and glass bead. I started with a 3mm foam strip in the rabbet, set at about 3mm from the edge. Then I put in the glass standing on spacers and put two spacers left and right to keep the glass in place. I then put the foam strip on the inside of the glass bead against the glass and nailed the bead in place. The sealant fills in the 3mm gap that is left by the foam strip.

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