Elm Plates

July 22, 2011

I made a couple of plates today. I needed one or two and I found myself making them while I was working on the Queen Anne style  table legs, which are maybe a bit too complicated for me. We’ll see, they have to wait – they won’t walk away, yet!

Glueing holders on to the inside of the plates which are still flat, and starting to turn the back first

After glueing a holder on the back I start turning the inside of the plate. I know this is not the proper way to do this, but this is what my mind figured out. I want to go on a course for this one day because I really like wooden plates and bowls.

With a hack saw I cut the plate from the holder; with the machine turned on I have to watch out to cut it only halfway through

Back, after sanding the holder off. That is the reason I ended on turning the inside – because it is only on the back that I am able to sand the holder off

I used olive oil on the wood, but I will add  a few layers of tung oil which is much better

Windsor chair repair

April 2, 2011

One leg full of woodworm and the top joint completely gone

I had to turn  a new leg I used Beech

Shaping the end with my pocket knife to make it fit perfectly

Clean up the joints from old glue parts and put it back together I used clamps and a strap-band to keep it in the right position while clamping, I forgot to take a photo at this point

And glued the new leg in place

I used crushed Walnut husks to make the dye and bees wax

Happy chair!

Stick for singing bowl

March 27, 2011

Turning the stick on the old rusty self-made lathe. I have cleaned the rust from the lathe a few times, but some days it’s like a cloud comes into the workspace and all the surfaces start to rust immediately. I live near the sea and that is quite new to me

Heavy stick, treated with beeswax.  It lies very well in the hand- well, my hand. I’ll have to see what Jackie thinks of it

Jackie using the stick on the singing bowl. Wow! What a sound! She is moving the stick slowly around the outside edge of the bowl. I’d have a bowl like that- very relaxing. You might be able to hear it some time; she’s been making little films recently and posting them on her blog.

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