Stable door

October 9, 2016


Customised door for Dyffryn garden; three solid panels at bottom part, two pieces of glass in the top, the height of the bottom part delegated by the height of small dog sitting on the back of the couch and still able to look out into the garden.





Iroko front door

June 27, 2016



Solid panel door.


Thick panels they are locked in and not glued they need the freedom to expand and shrink, otherwise they would certainly crack.

The bottom sloops; for rainwater to flow of.




Multi point lock and marine grade hardware.





Door for porch

April 2, 2016


Over a periode of 2 years I worked on this porch in different stages, first I made a new big window and big sil on the front house elevation, and this time I made a new door and window also renovated the pillars and framework and made new features for frame and pillars.






Double shed doors

September 28, 2011

Facing the doors on the inside with braces and ledges, hinges, bolts, latch and catch

Latch on a string. I made these parts out of oak

Double door: the one door is mostly bolted and the other door is the walk through door

Try to get in now: pull

By pulling the string the latch lifts up and the door is free to open

The latch is up and the door open

The outside with two layers of undercoat at this stage. The frame needs rendering around it

Barn doors

June 14, 2011

Three new doors for a barn on Carne farm, the old stone wall came down, the farmer was watching it for years already couldn’t use the space, no builder would come to take it down too dangerous they said.  I made a door and frame for it, replaced two other rotten doors, and made a casement window in the top of the new wall, i had to use glass from my own cupboard (bookcase), because of limited time that the scaffold was still up, there was no time left to order glass.

casement window in the new wall, it will always be open to allow the swallows go in and out.

Front door

March 26, 2011

Nice Welsh Oak boards

The layout. I have enough wood to make a solid panel door with four thick panels

The panels are sticking out rather than flush, and I love it!

The door is glued and sanded the beading is not fixed yet, at this point i’m waiting for the oil, I will oil the panels before they go in

with the beadings in, oiled it’s ready to go and place it

And there it is, nice one!  (knibbeltje, knabbeltje, knuistje….)

Sliding door at Trefayog farm

February 21, 2011

Sliding door made for a barn at Trefayog farm, (my workshop) with a little window to peek out of and see the sheep or the postman passing

Water-drip and gutter stops the rain comming in

I had to reinforce the sliding door to keep it flat, because with only undercoat on and a lot of rain it started to warp. It’s a solid door that works well;  with two layers of paint it will withstand the weather for a while

Working in here all day long the sun shines right in, so I leave the slide door open and work until late because then I can see the sun setting into the sea


Two double barn doors, a single barn door, two windows and a slatted window, all with undercoat

Oak turned handle, worked to a square end

Sturdy Oak latch, fit for the rough stormy weather at Penysgwarne

Ventilation slots in the glass bead of the skylight help prevent condensation

Big bronze handles placed very low

It took me three days to fit the door. The first day was just for the door frame – very important to get that right. The second day was used to hang the doors. I didn’t have to plane anything off the doors, but I did have to take the skylight home and plane something from the bottom to straighten it, because the tension in the shape pulled the sides upwards. On the third day, I put the glass in and finished off.

As you can see the frame only connect with the walls on the down side of the crooked slate porch. Later I filled the gaps with Oak flush with the frame.



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