Big arched gate

July 18, 2015



Making A template for the arched top.


Using douglass fir, I made the top out of two pieces join them together by a hammer headed key and two cross tongues.


If you look carefully you can see four oak wedges; by tapping those in the joint pulls together tight.astriddegroot

Screwed the template onto the douglass fir top and started routing.


To join the top to the sides I used countertop bolts, I had to drill big holes and hand saw the space for it.


Without gluing it yet I am trying the fit with the bolt in and the two cross tongues.astriddegroot

Chamfer the edges and sand everything.astriddegroot

Check again dry.astriddegroot

And glue.astriddegroot

Fill and sand. astriddegroot

The hinges are hand-made by a blacksmith. astriddegroot And adjustable .




Arched garden door

February 28, 2015


A semi-headed frame cut out in three lengths and bolted together with hammer- head tenons and shoulder tongues.   astriddegroot



astriddegroot Make a template with router and circular-jig. astriddegroot I screwed the template to the wood and start routing the semi-headed shape. astriddegroot

astriddegroot Laminate the rebate. astriddegroot Check on straight level. astriddegroot

astriddegroot Gluing the head of the door. astriddegroot Made another template left the jig in the same setting just moved the router closer I wanted 3mm space between frame and door. astriddegroot Layout of the door, put together not glued yet. astriddegroot Made this jig to hold the slats firmly for when I drill the mortice. astriddegroot And a mortice in the semi- rounded top of the door was a bit tricky to get them all exact. astriddegroot Check the fit. astriddegroot All glued now,  glued the door first, than gluing the frame around the door in the exact position. astriddegroot With the 3mm space between door and frame. astriddegroot Fitted in its place, the entrance to a beautiful walled garden. astriddegroot astriddegroot

Old farmhouse gate

March 18, 2013



This intriguing skeleton of a gate always cached my eyes, every time I passed it, that started 6 years ago from when I came to live in the area, I am honoured that they asked me to build a new one.


Using air dried Douglas fir











I could have bought broom sticks?! Or not; the moister content would be so different, the wood would definitely  split and crack. Nothing else to do then turn the douglas fir myself.











What I really like about this gate is that it’s not symmetrical, it’s like a pattern it could go on and on. But it doesn’t and this piece does have a start and an end point and it makes sense the tension is right and alive because of that.


Double drive- way gate

November 24, 2012

Treated soft wood for the gate it will get painted, started with the styles.

Tenons on the rails, jigsaw the round top-ends finish with belt-sander.

Stabilize the frame by putting in braces.

The boards are slotted in.

Tall gate continue

November 17, 2012

It’s about a year ago that I made the ‘tall gate’ for Jackie Morris, in the mean while Tamsin Abbott has been working very hard on all the glass pieces to fill the open spaces in the gate and the wall parts, still a few to come. For me about time to finally finish it all start with the frames and get it out there.

Start with the top of the door frame, make strong keys to join the four part together that would form the rounded shape.

Finished joint

Drill the square mortices

Checking the fit on the door

Frame parts for wall pieces, the pieces will sit between vertical framework.

Boss Tilly is watching me closely

The sill that sits on the wall is sloping to both sides for rain water to flow of with waterdrip on the undersides.

The wall parts went to Tamsin and are back in my workshop with all the glass work in, one by one I am getting them in place on the sill.

Have to be very careful handling them

Checking out the wonky wall a day before coming with all the framework that means one sleepless night thinking how!?

Ffion helps me out.

Good luck with all the screws we put in

We just needed a few points where wood touch stone put screws in there, the rest gets filled up with stone and cement. It feels really strong all together very firm , happy with that.

Jackie also happy and excited.


Ffion is rendering the spaces between frame and wall, lead connects and protects the top of the wall parts.

The hinges are hand made by a blacksmith, there are still a few glass works to come from Tamsin.

Tall gate

December 28, 2011

Beautiful air dried welsh oak boards they had been in a shed for about 20 years.

Through the thicknesser

Routing the edges by following it’s natural lines and make a tide fit.

Dovetail shaped braces that will keep the boards tight together

Two on one side one on the other side

Wood for the fencing will be placed on a stone wall next to the gate

All planed and cut into shape that flows in a natural line

I am making holes in different shapes. Later the holes will be filled with beautiful stained glass images made by artist Tamsin Abbott

I just make them up while I am working on it.

I made templates for all the different shapes then used the router

Finished wall parts I am pleased feels good to me.

Gluing the braces in place, after sanding it all  the fence parts are going to Tamsin Abbott and I made templates from the spaces in the door,  she is a glass artist and she is going to make glass pieces that fit in the open spaces. Can’t wait to see results.

Oak garden gate

September 19, 2011

Someone had these oak boards for over 10 years nicely stacked in their barn – an oak tree from their own garden. They asked me if I could work with this “very hard” wood to make a garden gate for them. Nice! I can’t wait. The boards have this beautiful natural curve

See how much of a curve can go through the thicknesser: not bad at all!

With my new jigsaw I followed the natural curve…

and finished the outside curve with the beltsander. I used that curve as a template for the router, to make a copy of the curve on the next board so that they fit tidily

Like this

And cut out the shape that I had in mind

The back, using coachbolts to put the braces on

I treated it against rot and fungi then put Owatrol oil on – a lot!

Now I have to wait until the farmer ‘digs up’ suitable hinges for it, so we can put it up in the garden where the tree once was.  I will add more photos later, one day.

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