High kitchen work table

April 22, 2020













This is a high kitchen-work-table to stand at, commissioned by my sister, the wood is cypress, for the slat shelving I used afromosia, walnut and teak. To read about what went on follow me on instagram: astridwoodwork.

Available eco coffee cups from Tuesday 13-2- 2018 on: Spoon carving website/ shop




Bunk beds

June 13, 2017


The bottom bed is a normal size single bed, the top bed is a smaller bed for a kid.They are not connected with each other, someone can easily sit up in the bottom bed there is enough space between them.  the top bed can be lifted of and stored away if necessary. They are made of all different hardwoods, cherry, ash, walnut and oak. It’s in a small room in a holiday cottage.







Trestle table

January 16, 2017

Trestle tables are easily taken apart for storage or move and they don’t have apron’s that can get in the way of your legs. I made sure there is plenty of leg space all around the table, this table sits 10 people.



Cutting the leg parts.



This will be glued; there was no way to keep it in place tide that’s why I came up with these bed-brackets they will keep it firm in exact place while glueing them.



These are glued with domino dowels.


Top parts not glued yet.


Size is over 2.20m x 92cm the wood is Cypress.


About furniture

October 30, 2015

The cupboards, wardrobes and bookcases are made from reclaimed floorboards. I leave the outsides of the boards mostly as they are; I just clean and wax them. The insides of the boards are planed and sanded. I use mortice and tenon joints for the glass doors and frames, and dovetail joints for the drawers. I used native hardwoods for a cot, toilet seat, under sink cupboard,  plate rack, door handles- knobs-pulls, kitchen doors, kitchen worktops…



Reclaimed wood cupboards

September 12, 2015

Shelved cupboard;

I Planed the floorboards on both sides, used battens to make the frame put it together with mortice and tenon joints,cut the boards clean and straight, nailed and glued the boards onto the frame, sand and fill and sand.




Two tall cupboards; one is for a fridge freezer and the other one is a cupboard with shelves.

astriddegroot astriddegroot

I made this crown moulding as well out of found wood left in the ‘Dutch barn’, planed it  used two different router bits and cut the angles to size.



astriddegroot  I made the cupboards in my workshop, left out the boards on the back  and the crown moulding  to ‘scribe’ them to the wall made a perfect fit also’ fixed’ the cupboards to the wall,  I wanted them as build in cupboards.

astriddegroot  Paint the same color as the wall.

Shadow- box table

January 25, 2015

I was asked if I could make a table as display for a ‘flag’,  glass on top, coffee table height.

It would look terrible if I just make a table with four legs box on top- glass -red flag shining through,  I started to look in books for ideas, when my eye felt on low stools with cushions on top, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Great that’s it.

I used ash it had a soft roze color in it, it fitted well with the red flag.



The stands are three heavy pieces of ash, cross-slotted together no screws not glued.


I gave it adjustable feet to make sure it will be stable on any floor.



The frame is screwed into inserts on 6 points easy to take apart.



For the Finnish I made two mixtures, first  linseed oil /raw tung oil/ urethane varnish semi gloss, add that four times. Than a mixture of linseed/ raw tung oil and two hands shredded bees wax warmed up.  Very very nice that is what Sam Maloof  uses on his beautiful chairs.




Dirty old floorboards with rusty nails; which I have to take out first before planing one side of the boards, the side that will become the inside of the cabinet.


First I build a frame also from reclaimed wood put it together with mortice and tenon joints.


Dress up the frame with the boards, by simply glue and nail them to the frame.

astrid de groot

Made the drawer with proper dovetails and the doors with mortice and tenon joints. I will get the glass for the doors as soon as I have another order for glass.


These pulls where left over from kitchen cabinets I made earlier.



Storage rack for paintings

September 13, 2013

astriddegroot Air dried douglass fir, cutting strokes

DSC05061 Ready for planing

DSC05064Strokes ready:  right length, sanded and cut lap-joints.

DSC05067Four of these form the base.

DSC05071The other horizontal parts slot in half-lap-joints and will be glued and screwed up on the spot.

DSC05075 12mm beech plywood  with the slots all made

DSC05078glued the boxes add rubber castors and hand-made beech grips

DSC05083The finished rack set up in my work-space, big paintings will fit in the middle spaces, middle sized paintings at the top layer and three different sizes smaller paintings for the boxes. The slide tray can be used for showing paintings.

DSC05098Corner of box with front-plate.


Tray and slide-rail.


A slot for grip under the tray.


Beech grip on box.

DSC05106Rounded edges where it matters.

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