Door knob walnut

April 6, 2012

I started roughcutting on the bandsaw, but most of the shaping is done on the beltsander, and yes sometimes it did fly out of my hand.

Maybe there will be a twin, here on the next one you can see what I did on the bandsaw

Walnut is very hard wood also means that the finish is very very smooth, you really have to feel it, lovely wood. I did start with the second one as you have seen but unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it because a big load of wood came in yesterday for making windows, playing time is over, back to business, I’ll be back with the handles later some time.

These handles are made out of cherry, I had a totaly different approach towards this wood regarding it’s shape, now looking at the two sets, it makes so much sense, the feel- the color- the soft pinkish or robust lines all of that just listening to it and there was the shape.

They are for sale you can find them in the shop of this website:

Oak door handles

April 3, 2012

I cut the shape, out of welsh brown oak, on the bandsaw. Worked it futher on the upsidedown beltsander,  with my carving knife I worked on the inside corners, then I used fine sandpaper and tung oil.  Used the morticer for the square hole where the shaft pen goes. Now I want to find bronze round head slotted screws to hold the back plates on the door.


There is no door to put them on yet, I just wanted to make them it’s great fun, so there will be many more.

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