Dog pen

October 2, 2016


Building a dog pen under a staircase for Lulu and Betsie. With space on top for blankets. And an extra door to the firewood space .


Nice finish with boards on the walls on the inside.


Before this the dogs had metal mash cage, this space under the staircase is so silent and peaceful  they will have good naps.



Built-in cupboard

January 27, 2011

The bathroom is too small to get an overview picture, but behind the glass doors you can see a water tank on top and a boiler underneath.  It looks really cool not hidden away.

The cupboard is made in the same principle as my other furniture, face frame and doors from reclaimed floorboards on a base frame that was half there already, handmade latches out of Oak and handturned knobs from Beech wood all the wood was reclaimed from interesting sources

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