Reclaimed wood cupboards

September 12, 2015

Shelved cupboard;

I Planed the floorboards on both sides, used battens to make the frame put it together with mortice and tenon joints,cut the boards clean and straight, nailed and glued the boards onto the frame, sand and fill and sand.




Two tall cupboards; one is for a fridge freezer and the other one is a cupboard with shelves.

astriddegroot astriddegroot

I made this crown moulding as well out of found wood left in the ‘Dutch barn’, planed it  used two different router bits and cut the angles to size.



astriddegroot  I made the cupboards in my workshop, left out the boards on the back  and the crown moulding  to ‘scribe’ them to the wall made a perfect fit also’ fixed’ the cupboards to the wall,  I wanted them as build in cupboards.

astriddegroot  Paint the same color as the wall.

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