Big arched gate

July 18, 2015



Making A template for the arched top.


Using douglass fir, I made the top out of two pieces join them together by a hammer headed key and two cross tongues.


If you look carefully you can see four oak wedges; by tapping those in the joint pulls together tight.astriddegroot

Screwed the template onto the douglass fir top and started routing.


To join the top to the sides I used countertop bolts, I had to drill big holes and hand saw the space for it.


Without gluing it yet I am trying the fit with the bolt in and the two cross tongues.astriddegroot

Chamfer the edges and sand everything.astriddegroot

Check again dry.astriddegroot

And glue.astriddegroot

Fill and sand. astriddegroot

The hinges are hand-made by a blacksmith. astriddegroot And adjustable .




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