Restoration on the porch continues

June 21, 2014


It’s a year later now that I got to restore the left side of the porch, the side that gets the weather, the window so rotten it almost falls out, and a skeleton of a door that was fixed in the frame; as well as the bottom parts of the frame and of course all the beautiful features just gone.


Making a three paneled hardwood door, I am copying the door that is on the other side of the porch and gonna put it on hinges.


Rubber spacers around the panels to position the panels nicely in the openings and also gives the wood space to expand without doing any damage to the wood. I am not going to use glue on them.


The beading nailed I used a flexible sealant in between the panel and the glass bead.


I made new features copied the ones that are still there on the other side of the porch


Work done new windows, new sills, door, features, replaced rotten frame parts on the bottom, and put double glazing in. something has to be done about the gutter still.

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