Storage rack for paintings

September 13, 2013

astriddegroot Air dried douglass fir, cutting strokes

DSC05061 Ready for planing

DSC05064Strokes ready:  right length, sanded and cut lap-joints.

DSC05067Four of these form the base.

DSC05071The other horizontal parts slot in half-lap-joints and will be glued and screwed up on the spot.

DSC05075 12mm beech plywood  with the slots all made

DSC05078glued the boxes add rubber castors and hand-made beech grips

DSC05083The finished rack set up in my work-space, big paintings will fit in the middle spaces, middle sized paintings at the top layer and three different sizes smaller paintings for the boxes. The slide tray can be used for showing paintings.

DSC05098Corner of box with front-plate.


Tray and slide-rail.


A slot for grip under the tray.


Beech grip on box.

DSC05106Rounded edges where it matters.

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