Window frame for porch

August 18, 2013


This was the situation: big sill totally rotten, bottom rail from window frame gone, tenon’s on styles gone, features fallen of, top corner of left pillar rotten.


First I made a new sill and fitted that under the pillar’s with the help of the farmer and his tractor. Then I had a good look at the window frame with the rotten bottom rail and it was because of the bottom styles where gone too that I  decided  it had to be a whole new frame.


I made space in my small workshop- put the frame together than I realized it would never fit through the door as a whole, so I had to find space in a shed at the farm for gluing it, so I did that.


Lucky the glass was fitted with beading’s I could take them out pretty easy without braking them, then the old frame didn’t take long.


At this point I needed a hand to lift the frame up, clamps in the middle to hold it while I fiddled the frame in place,  a curled up slab of lead that fits into a slot under the rail just behind a water-drip makes a good weather-seal.


I am putting double glazing in.


Build up new profiled features on the bottom and at the top.





The one gutter pipe is still filled with mud -stuck, I leave that one out for now until it dried out and can be emptied.


The finished window with new sill and pillar corners.


It’s a year later now that I got to restore the left side of the porch, the side that gets the weather, the window so rotten it almost falls out, and a skeleton of a door that was fixed in the frame; as well as the bottom parts of the frame and of course all the beautiful features just gone.


3 Responses to “Window frame for porch”

  1. C Oakley Says:

    Beautiful. A skill I wish I had a talent for!


  2. fpmlegrand Says:

    In één woord; fantastisch…!


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