Toilet seat

April 15, 2013


About 17 years ago I made a whole series of toilet seats used different woods and tried out different designs,  I made one with a lid ( I swapped that one with an electrician for having electric done in the workspace). and one with a lid that was a smaller children seat. I think my sister had that one when her kids where small .  Simple shape’s made out of very nice but not a lot of material, This time I used air dried Welsh oak, made a template from the shape of the toilet itself to give the seat a perfect customize fit.

DSC04535Planing the oak boards

DSC04540Glue a rough toilet seat shape



With the jigsaw I cut it out leaving it a bit to big


This is after routing with the template, I will use the belt sander to sand the last wobbles out, I want a tied shape.


This is the first time that I placed  the hooks on the far outside, that will make the seat more stable.  I marked the holes of the toilet onto the template.


The hinge holders glued and the holes drilled, have to round the underside of the hinge holders, so that the seat can go up.

DSC04585Rounded edges

DSC04586Few layers of tung oil.

DSC04591Perfect fit


Made sure that all of the rubber feet touch the toilet when it is down I do not want to much tension on the hinge holders.


You might fancy one for yourself  just contact me by e-mail and make it possible, I love making them they are very comfortable and just lovely.

2 Responses to “Toilet seat”

  1. dezekantop Says:

    Je moet de allereerste zijn die een toiletbril publiceert met zoveel trots! Geweldig!


  2. Gillian Pare Says:

    Wow it is so beautiful I will definitely want one


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