Sash windows

July 7, 2012

Armed with the book ‘Modern practical joinery’ from George Ellis, and other sources, I started my new journey in creating two sash windows, it’s an assignment and that means they have to be perfect.

The principal is;  a solid hardwood sill- the sides are hollow boxes to allow lead counter-weights on ropes to go in opposite direction from the windows when sliding them up and downwards.  These windows used to be very drafty but with new technology of thin double glazing and weatherstrips in staff beads and even the parting beads are a cleverly shaped U.P.V.,  they are lovely windows.

I cut out the space for the axle pulleys, and the ‘pockets’ with a lid just big enough to manoevre the lead weights through,  and there is the groove for the parting bead in the middle.

Frame skeleton, the top is hollow as well, there will be ventilation gaps, a bit of airflow will keep the boxes free from condensation.

Bracket, lovely and important detail it stops the window at the end from sliding and allows enough space for ‘hands’ for example.

I made a template, so that they all will be the same.

Fit the windows, how loose or tight? Pretty loose I found there will be layers of paint on everything, and I will use weatherstrips to stop draft comming in.

Fit the frames

and fitted the windows, they slide very well

Cement around the windows, finished.

4 Responses to “Sash windows”

  1. margrascorner Says:

    Buitengewoon is al je werk, ik zag het maar één keer eerder van een scheepstimmerman lang geleden Ook het tweede gebruik van hout, heel bijzonder. .margrascorner


  2. dezekantop Says:

    A S T O N I S H I N G :)))


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