Drainage board

May 29, 2012

Drainage board for a cute little cottage, I had a plank of beautiful Welsh native elm just enough to make this drainage board, not much waist optimal use of the wood. After planing, squaring and sawing I glued it together with lamello’s (biscuits) in between.

With the router and template under an angle, I cutted out these drainage slots.

I filled the cracks with sawdust mixed in glue.

And sand it all to a very fine grit, the last one with 800 grit and terpentine.

Laquer on the underside, lots of layers of finishing oil on the top surface.

It’s installed here, I made a little waterdrip under the front edge of the board to stop water traveling under the board in the cupboard. I did the test and it seems to work well.

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