Door lever handle cherry

April 3, 2012

These handles are made out of cherry, I had a totaly different approach towards this wood regarding it’s shape, now looking at the two sets, it makes so much sense, the feel- the color- the soft pinkish or robust lines all of that just listening to it and there was the shape.

They are for sale you can find them in the shop of this website:

9 Responses to “Door lever handle cherry”

  1. Zeer mooie handvaten, Astrid.
    Ik heb jou hierover vandaag nog een mailtje gestuurd.
    Groetjes FdG.


  2. Bloggie Says:

    Hai, Astrid.

    Wat een mooie handvaten zeg. Zoeen wil ik wel in mijn deur in plaats van een winkel gemaakte. Lekker om vast te houden. ik zou wel uuuuuuuuuuuuuuren staan bij zo’n handvat om te voelen hoe zacht die is als ie in een deur zou zitten. Ik heb heel veel zin om te leren handvaten te maaken want die van jou zien er zoooooooooooooooo mooooooi uit.

    Doooooei goeie handvaten maaker Astrid.Van Ann


  3. Jools Thomas Says:


    I have fallen in love with these door handles, they are simply perfect for my Husband and I’s first (scandinavian style) home in the UK.

    Would I be able to purchase these or something sinilar? Do you have an online shop?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best wishes,


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    • Hello Jools just to let you know that I am making them right now, they will be in my online shop. They will be complete sets with spindle, backplates keyhole or not etc. Thanks Astrid


  4. James Says:

    Hi, I also really like these handles and was wondering if it would be possible to purchase something similar for my house in the UK? Looking forward to hearing form you! All the best, James.

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  5. Thanks for your interest James I don’t make them at the moment, they are handmade, I have to look in to how to make it all possible.


  6. Hi James, Its been a while, just to let you know that I am working on complete sets of lever handles right now, they will be in my online shop on this blog or astridwoodwork on Etsy .


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