Top cabinets for kitchen

February 25, 2012

Drawing trying to find  out how to make a corner cabinet at the end of the row of top cabinets, and make this fit all together.

corner cabinet  half way in the make

Olive ash, making joints for six doors for the top cabinets, the doors will have glass in it

putting doors together

put hinges on

Door for corner cabinet, this is my minture tall gate door

corner cabinet door

the row of top cabinets just put the doors on, still have to make the sides

try to get this straight on the stone wall some how, there is nothing straight about a stone wall, but I love them anyway.

See how much this wall is out square had to fill it up a lot and use long screws, not only here though everywhere behind these cupboards are spacers to get it all in line.

all fitted; doors on. sides on. grips on.

Handcarved grip out of hawthorn for the corner cabinet door

you can see the beautiful olive ash especialy on the sides

4 Responses to “Top cabinets for kitchen”

  1. Hoi Astrid,
    Zou de tante hiervan ook foto’s te zien krijgen…???
    Je hebt wel mooi hout, zoals olijf en meidoorn, gebruikt.
    Je mag er best trots op zijn, zeker ook hoe je de achterkanten mooi egaal tegen de muur krijgt.
    Prachtig werkje.
    Groetjes FdG.


  2. nonsholten Says:

    Aye that’s summat you’ve made there! Must be quite a thing too ‘ave summat like that in t’ kitchen. It’s finely crafted I can tell thee! By ‘eck, fine woodworking that is, if tha asks me. Superb tha knows!


  3. dezekantop Says:

    Als reactie op het commentaar van nonsholten: Tja, dat krijg je als je je kinderen teveel naar James Herriot laat kijken . . .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dezekantop Says:

    Maar prachtig mooie kastjes, As, ik kan niet anders zeggen.


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