Repair wet rot on conservatory

September 30, 2011

This corner was the last section of the conservatory that I had to repair. I wasn’t aware that I had saved the worst part until last. Every bit of wood that comes together in that corner has gone rotten. There is nothing else to do but start to take away the soft and wet parts and treat the ends where I stop with hardner. I saved up the parts for replacement. I then made a sketch of the situation, numbered the parts, took them to my workshop and started to make new pieces.

Not much left of the corner

Parts for replacement

…and fitted all the pieces back in, job done!

I don’t particularly like this kind of work, but it does give me great satifaction I have to say to save the whole thing from dereliction. It can last for years and years again with some attention.

2 Responses to “Repair wet rot on conservatory”

  1. A great rescue job! But, one that also requires a great deal of patience! 🙂


  2. Ben Says:

    That really is an impressive end result! Scary how much timber you had to remove/replace though because the problem wasn’t treated sooner.


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