Double shed doors

September 28, 2011

Facing the doors on the inside with braces and ledges, hinges, bolts, latch and catch

Latch on a string. I made these parts out of oak

Double door: the one door is mostly bolted and the other door is the walk through door

Try to get in now: pull

By pulling the string the latch lifts up and the door is free to open

The latch is up and the door open

The outside with two layers of undercoat at this stage. The frame needs rendering around it

2 Responses to “Double shed doors”

  1. That’s a very neat solution, Astrid.

    Presumably, your workshop has another ‘main’ access door, so that you can securely lock the new doors from the inside?


  2. This is not my workshop Olly., it’s for a customer the curved window is also in this shed


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