Oak garden gate

September 19, 2011

Someone had these oak boards for over 10 years nicely stacked in their barn – an oak tree from their own garden. They asked me if I could work with this “very hard” wood to make a garden gate for them. Nice! I can’t wait. The boards have this beautiful natural curve

See how much of a curve can go through the thicknesser: not bad at all!

With my new jigsaw I followed the natural curve…

and finished the outside curve with the beltsander. I used that curve as a template for the router, to make a copy of the curve on the next board so that they fit tidily

Like this

And cut out the shape that I had in mind

The back, using coachbolts to put the braces on

I treated it against rot and fungi then put Owatrol oil on – a lot!

Now I have to wait until the farmer ‘digs up’ suitable hinges for it, so we can put it up in the garden where the tree once was.  I will add more photos later, one day.

4 Responses to “Oak garden gate”

  1. Mellie Lang Says:

    It’s look amazing Astrid, I love the way you cut the wood to follow the curve and then fitted them all together so snuggly. Look forward to seeing it hung when you have some hinges 🙂


  2. Thanks Mellie, Yae I can’t wait to put it up, it is a very beautiful spot the posts are big stones one has two hooks for hinges, and it’s overgrown by hawthorn.


  3. Beautiful oak! Really like the way that you’ve used and followed the natural curves of these boards. Not only in the machining of each board but also, in to the overall design of the gate.

    Have you added any diagonal braces?


  4. Didn’t do it, it’s all very tide together while
    the wood is air dried on that very farm yard, not much movement I guess.


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