Casement windows

August 31, 2011

Arranging and cutting the sapele. I ordered just enough wood, so no room for mistakes

The sloping sill and the tops of the frames

Cutting  the tenons of the stiles. Copy the angle of the sloping sill at the bottom in the front of the stile. I do this on the tablesaw. I left the saw in the angle position after cutting the angle on the sill

The frames are ready to glue now

The stiles for the 6 windows mortised

Stiles are ready; I start cutting the tenons

Ventilating glass beads with water drip. By using these there will be no problems with rot in the bottom corners of the windows.  With double glazing especially you always have a problem with condensation  between glass and  wood, caused by the temperature difference of the materials. Without the ventilating glass beads condensation is locked up and the wood starts to rot – it’s nothing to do with bad weather

Bottom window with water drip and ventilating glass bead in place

Windows in place. The middle window is set, the others are hinged

Windows fitted

For the finish I used Osmo UV protection oil clear. I also put a strip of lead under the sill with waterdrip

On the inside I put oak sills and treated them with the same oil

3 Responses to “Casement windows”

  1. Nice work and it’ll be interesting to see how that Osmo UV oil lasts. Not that it shouldn’t, of course! I’ve heard some negative comments that it’s not great for horizontal surfaces (cills, etc.) but, that shouldn’t be a problem for you anyway.


  2. Ons Mam Says:

    Supper Astrid Gaaf.!!!!!!!!!! Wat ‘n dik hout.




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