Wooden column

July 4, 2011

After taken all the rot out and blow drying it, I started to fill it with a two component filler and pieces of oak, each day I added a bit more.

Now the hard work begins! That means get it in perfect shape with the rest.

Such a beautiful entrance to an old farm house, the columns are over 200 years old. I wondered whether they may have come from a shipwreck and later learned that according to local folklore they were indeed salvaged from ship’s masts.

Fill and shape it, fill shape etc. using chisel and sandpaper

I start to like this sculpturing work, because I know it’s going to work out perfectly!

Yep, there.. done

5 Responses to “Wooden column”

  1. Such chores give a lot of satisfaction when, after completion,
    see the result.


  2. I’d have tried to splice some real wood in there with a void of that size but, you’ve done an impressive job of shaping that filler! Wet rot hardener can be a real godsend.


  3. dezekantop Says:

    I do love your experimental work a lot!! Impressive result!


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