Sliding door at Trefayog farm

February 21, 2011

Sliding door made for a barn at Trefayog farm, (my workshop) with a little window to peek out of and see the sheep or the postman passing

Water-drip and gutter stops the rain comming in

I had to reinforce the sliding door to keep it flat, because with only undercoat on and a lot of rain it started to warp. It’s a solid door that works well;  with two layers of paint it will withstand the weather for a while

Working in here all day long the sun shines right in, so I leave the slide door open and work until late because then I can see the sun setting into the sea


3 Responses to “Sliding door at Trefayog farm”

  1. dezekantop Says:

    So fine crafted and I really love the green colour!! It’s my favourite! Full of life and energy and yet peacefull.


  2. bollewops Says:

    He, Astrid,I really like your woodwork!


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